Our story


Welcome, world traveler!

Camino Home is located on the “Mirror Street” a well-known street right in the heart of the city, it is said to be unique in Europe – the buildings on the right and on the left are identical.

Our elegant two-story building with its green coloured windows and exquisite balcony is architecturally distinct from its immediate environs. Its uniqueness lies within the house which recaptures the Transylvanian chic of yesteryear in Cluj-Napoca. It is a charming historic building, fully renovated and stylish decorated.

A total experience of warm hospitality from the moment you come in, to the very last, when you depart carrying with you fond memories.


Charm and warmth

We are happy you stay for a day, a week, a month or even a year, or longer…! Whatever your length of stay, you are always welcome, very welcome, indeed.

Feel like Home!

200 meters

Piata Unirii, the real heart of the city. The cathedral in the middle of the square has been looking over Cluj-Napoca since the 1500. The statue of King Mathias Corvinus (UNESCO heritage edifice) marks a well known meeting point for the locals. In and around the square there are banks, shops, restaurants, museums, open air concerts and other cultural events all year round. In winter there is a skating ring here.

200 meters

The National Opera and Theatre – With it’s eclectic-seccesion-ish look it’s an unique building in Cuj-Napoca architecture. Also, if you have the chance, try to take a glance on its interior glamorous details. You can see high class performances here, for very affordable prices.

300 meters

Museum of Art in the Bánffy Palace.

500 meters

Memorial Matthias Corvinus House.

600 meters

The Museum Square, there are a lot of bars, restaurants, cafés on the square. It is very nice just to walk around and feel the pulsing life.